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    nyo1cyj0 飼料添加劑 椰殼活性炭 美容護膚 理財課堂 工程管理 中藥學 垃圾食品 育兒寶典 生活小常識 林木種子nyo1cyj0nyo1cyj0澳門賭場www.ohvxmc.net/aomenduchang/賭場www.baijialey55.com/aomen/現金網www.96096010.com/hgxjw葡京賭場www.huangguanj88.com/pujingduchang/娛樂城www.wtkztd.net/ylc/ 盛大賭場www.9456.com網絡賭博www.yrxnl.com/xsufzb/葡京賭場teduxpnv.net/pujingduchang/賭博網www.azrwbqt.com/博彩公司www.eaehsx.net/bocaigongsi/nyo1cyj0葡京賭場www.baijialey55.com/aomen/網絡賭博www.baijialeg55.com/wldb/現金網www.cctvhgw.com/hgw/三亞賭場hyjdxu.net/sanyaduchang/緬甸賭場o1r5t.net/miandianduchang/澳門賭博bqblmh.net/aomendubo/全訊網www.bocait55.com/quanxunw/娛樂城www.baijialeg88.com/wanhao/網上賭博www.baijialei55.com/whdb/博彩公司www.hnlongdong.gov.cn/bocaigongsi/
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    Located Anxin County, hebei Province, Dian Nan Handicraft Factory was established in 1982. For many years, this factory has engaged itself in research work and manufacture of weaving craft. It now has two branches, some experienced management personnel, technicians and many trained weaving craftsmen. Carrying forward and breaking through the craft of our predecessors. The motto of this factory is dedicated to inheriting tradition, creation and improving weaving techniques.
    The guide line of this factory is "Market is our guidance; quality is our life." As an enterprise involved in international competitions, this factory insists on market and exportoriented strategy. This factory guarantees good quality of its products and constantly develops new products. The yearly weaving production now is 800,000 square meters of 12 different sizes. It has already developed a sale net in the markets both at home and abroad. Its products are sold at hone and far to Japan and South Korea. The rate of the marketing occupation of our products is kept growing.
    This factory is located in Bai Yang Lake - - -Bright Pearl in North China-that is vast in waters, 366square kilometers of area and famous for its growth of reed, the year produces 150,000 tons of reed. The reed is of good texture, soft quality and natural fragrance. Being richly endowed by nature with this natural resource of reed, this factory tries to weave out delicate products that are waterproof, slipper-proof and dust cleaning. Its products serve such purposes as decorating drawing rooms, bedrooms and etc. With its reed products by your side you will sure enjoy the feeling of green nature.

    nyo1cyj0澳門賭場www.ohvxmc.net/aomenduchang/賭場www.baijialey55.com/aomen/現金網www.96096010.com/hgxjw葡京賭場www.huangguanj88.com/pujingduchang/娛樂城www.wtkztd.net/ylc/ 盛大賭場www.9456.com網絡賭博www.yrxnl.com/xsufzb/葡京賭場teduxpnv.net/pujingduchang/賭博網www.azrwbqt.com/博彩公司www.eaehsx.net/bocaigongsi/nyo1cyj0葡京賭場www.baijialey55.com/aomen/網絡賭博www.baijialeg55.com/wldb/現金網www.cctvhgw.com/hgw/三亞賭場hyjdxu.net/sanyaduchang/緬甸賭場o1r5t.net/miandianduchang/澳門賭博bqblmh.net/aomendubo/全訊網www.bocait55.com/quanxunw/娛樂城www.baijialeg88.com/wanhao/網上賭博www.baijialei55.com/whdb/博彩公司www.hnlongdong.gov.cn/bocaigongsi/nyo1cyj0 飼料添加劑 椰殼活性炭 美容護膚 理財課堂 工程管理 中藥學 垃圾食品 育兒寶典 生活小常識 林木種子nyo1cyj0
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